Hi, my name is marvens amazan.

South florida wedding photographer. i started doing Photography in the late 2010 as a hobby. Back then, I used to take my friends portrait, engagement and wedding pictures while I was in University studying Civil Engineer.

I decided to pursue my career as a full time Wedding Photographer, in 2011, after covering a Wedding where I had an epiphany. Since then, Wedding Photography has played an important part of my life. Being in the center stage of two humans sharing their love for one another makes my day.

MVIZUALS stands for Magical Meaningful Memories.
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Weddings are the most important chapter in a couple's story. When 2 peoples in the wolrd decide to commit their lives to

each other and become one, Capturing theses moments is our life goals, the times when we introduce our creativity to your love story and
crystallize it in a beautiful photograph.


Our approach to capturing great photographs is surprising simple: we're professional, relaxed, and unobtrusive. Our clients benefit from this method since they don't have to act out awkward poses while being photographed. To enjoy your day and cherish the memories of it "in the moment" rather than just in pictures, it is our goal that you feel at ease, be yourself, and have an enjoyable experience.


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YEA i Know me too! my AMAZING photographer hails out of FORT PIERCE and works from South Florida to Haiti!!! Hit him up for All your Pic/video needs"

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