Hi, My name is Marvens AMAZAN, the founder of the MVIZUALS, a South Florida-based wedding photographer. My team and I cherish the privilege of capturing the breathtaking, emotional, and authentic moments that define our couple's lives.


My love affair with wedding photography began during my college years studying civil engineering. My mom, recognizing my interest in visuals arts, gifted me my first camera back in 2010. It wasn't until my friend Harold invited me to capture wedding that i realized the magic of freezing emotions in time. Despite finding it both fun and challenging, i didn't fully grasp its impact then. It wasn't until a December wedding the following year, where a friend sought my help, that i experienced the profound connection photography could forge. As i documented the first dance, tears welled in my eyes, and i felt the couple's love so intensely, from that emotional day onwards, i gradually shifted my focus from engineering to wholeheartedly pursue wedding photography, officially taking the plunge in 2015


Summer of 2003, my birthday led me to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time, creating a day etched in my memory. En route in my cousin's convertible, wind in my face, Sean Paul and Beyoncé's 'Baby Boy' playing, it became a soundtrack to that unforgettable day. Years later, a radio replay of that same song effortlessly transported me back, causing goosebumps and a lifelike flashback. At Mvizuals, our mission is akin to that magic—capturing moments that can teleport you back to the most pivotal days of your life with just a glance at our photographs